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Alpha Founders Pvt. Ltd. are specialist in a range of small to large castings in all grades of Grey and SG iron. Established in 2008, the company produces a range of products, including sheave wheels, gearbox castings, bearing housings, pump casings, valve bodies and discs, fly wheel and crusher parts, mass measuring weights, the Cameron pump, and hand-moulded castings, to name a few. The production line of Alpha Founders Pvt. Ltd. contains sophisticated castings up to 2kg as well as counterweight and mass weight castings of up to 80 kg. Alpha Founders key focus is on developing new or improving on existing products by forming solid customer partnerships.

With its own comprehensive foundry and engineering capabilities, Alpha Founders Pvt. Ltd. offers an on-site laboratory, testing facility, design and drafting facilities and machine shop, which sets it apart from the rest. Occupying 25000 Sq. Ft. of facilities on a 45000 Sq.Ft. property within the industrial area itself, Alpha Founders Pvt. Ltd. factory site is strategically based on the national grid creating fast and efficient access to fast movement of orders. Besides good delivery times, Alpha Founders Pvt. Ltd. is well-known for its quality.

We work with each Customer on a daily basis to provide them the very latest information on all purchase orders and delivery schedules. We work directly with freight lines to assist in special delivery arrangements. We also have the ability to react very quickly to a Customer`s short cycled requirements and emergencies.

At Alpha Founders Pvt. Ltd., we look to developing long term Customer relationships based upon "Team Approach."